Development, IT, Mobile AR in 2020 and beyond – What’s the Future?

Nowadays, approximately everyone knows about Augmented Reality, as it certainly made some remarkable improvements in recent years. With the release of Pokémon Go, Minecraft Earth and applications like HoloLens, Augmented Reality approaches to the new height of success. Now, the latest trends of AR shows that this incredible technology is going to disrupt different industries, from gaming and healthcare to marketing and insurance as well. Undoubtedly, AR technology will surpass the VR within the next three to four years. Several businesses are intending to start using some application development software to fulfill their requirements.

Throughout your life, you often see various incredible technologies, such as Holographic Communication, Simulated 3D Visuals, and Robot Vision in science-fiction movies. With the recent improvements and innovations in the AR industry, all these said things are surely turning into reality. You would be amazed to know that Augmented Reality users have continuously increased in numbers as compared to the past few years.

Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices

Mobile Augmented Reality applications have been growing so fast as the Android Phones that are ARCore surprisingly increased from 250 Million devices last in 2019. You might know that Snapchat was the first application to introduce AR technology through its filters. Now, you’re capable of learning a variety of ways how to use this technology on Snapchat trends.

After the release of Snapchat, Pokemon Go was released and it took over the gaming industry like a storm as it is offering GPS-based gameplay that lets players move surrounding to control the movement of their characters in-game. The game allows the player to catch and train Pokemon by locating them in different areas all over the city. Similarly to the game, players can use Augmented Reality on mobile platforms to explore inside massive buildings.

Trends Affecting Augmented Reality in 2020

Augmented Reality developers have begun to implement machine learning language and AI (Artificial Intelligence) into their applications. This feature can be described with the essential functions of Snapchat and Instagram filters, although it has started being used in a set of massive capacities across various companies. However, this impressive feature allows the devices to watch and understand approximately everything available within the range of the camera.

Impact of Augmented Reality on Teaching and Training

There are a few benefits of AR technology in the field of teaching and training, as it is helping schools and other organizations to offer professional development courses to students. With the help of AR technology, people can efficiently study construction or other kinds of hazardous or complicated areas without any risks that are involved with them.

Consumer Entertainment

While it’s a trend that has been set for AR’s history, and it seems to enhance drastically over the coming years. That’s because AR technology has been a relative niche area for a few past years, with lots of developers failing to introduce the perfect app or hardware that has critically acclaimed in the market. However, with recent modifications in both software and hardware, there are lots of chances that now, the technology will grow speedily and take over approximately all industries, including gaming, health, school, construction, and more.