AR/VR & New Technologies

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Whats a AR/VR technologie?

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality accomplish two very different things in two very different ways, despite the similar designs of the devices themselves. VR replaces reality, taking you somewhere else. AR adds to reality, projecting information on top of what you’re already seeing. They’re both powerful technologies that have yet to make their mark with consumers, but show a lot of promise. They can completely change how we use computers in the future, but whether one or both will succeed is anyone’s guess right now.
  • AR Technologie
  • VR Technologie

Uses of AR/VR Technologies

Augmented Reality

1. Medical Training2. Retail3. Repair & Maintenance4. Design & Modeling5. Business Logistics6. Tourism Industry7. Classroom Education8. Field Service9. Entertainment Properties10. Public Safety

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Virtual Reality

1. Recruitment and Training2. Work Collaboration in the Workplace3. Creating Ideas and Forecasting Trends4. Pain Management5. Training Medical Students6. Treatment of PTSD7. Training on Social Cognition to Manage Autism8. Managing and Treating Anxiety Disorder9. Therapy for Paraplegics10. Leisure 

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