Design Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2020 – High Tech and Visually Mind-Blowing

The year 2019 has ended with lots of mind-blowing design trends, but the year 2020 has started and come with lots of fabulous new concepts, high tech, and unique designs too. We’ve compiled this article to make you understand the upcoming Web Design Trends that will take over the world of Web Design over this year. What is Design Trends?

In short, design trends are reactions that become a cause of cultural and technological changes. Before creating something, the priority of the creator is focused on trends for a reason – introducing new trends into the design of products can help the product to feel excellent and fresh to attract the targeted audience and also provides you a competitive advantage.

The main issue with the design trends is that they come for a specific time and then disappear; therefore, it’s quite tough to discover which trend is good to follow. One wrong choice will cause lots of difficulties. Before going ahead, imagine, you’ve put lots of your valuable time and invested a huge to introduce the particular style into your brand, only to find out that this style is now no-longer used.

Here’s “Top 10 Web Design Trends” that are expecting to dominate the world

  1. Abstract Illustrations

Using a custom Illustration style is somehow excellent to highlight your product among thousands of other brands. You might know that Illustrations serves as a part of a product or brand DNA. Lots of possibilities are always there that competitors can copy your typography or color scheme, but can’t able to make a copy of your illustration style.

  1. Geometric Shapes

Before starting creating something, you should know that Geometric Shapes are considering quite simple yet powerful asset that enables creators to develop more attracting visual composition. Usually, such kind of shapes is used to create visual dividers between several sections.

  1. Video Headers

Following the main principle will lead you to success; Show, don’t tell. Your imagination plays a vital role in visual design because it assists you in delivering the main idea floating in your mind speedily. For a decade, web designers have had to make use of static imagery to display their main ideas, but the time has changed and the faster connections make it quite more natural for web designers to turn their imagination and websites’ homepages into engaging movie-style experiences.

  1. Scroll-Generated Websites

The latest technologies can help you create much more than website experience. In short, they let you embark on your visitors on an impressive visual journey. You should know that scroll-generated websites will track the progress of your user as they scroll the page to see the context information. Therefore, scroll-generated sites often use several beautiful animation and motion effects to capture the attention of your user.

  1. Dark User-interface

Have you noticed it? Major companies, including Twitter, YouTube, etc. are using light and dark modes to their products, even the social media giant Facebook is planning to such mode over its website. If you would say that a Dark Mode is a low-light interface that won’t wrong. It is specially designed to display dark surfaces by reducing the lights.

  1. Design System

The latest trending design will come with quality and speed. The designer and product teams should need to move fast without compromising on quality to stand out. Maybe it’s a bit challenging to earn fame for your single standalone product and seems complicated to achieve all set goals. But designing a system may help you out in obtaining what you are expecting.

  1. 3D and Faux-3D Design

As you know, 3D objects were only used in Modelling, Animations, and Video Games for a long time. With the introduction of dominant device processing power, you’re capable of handling 3D objects on your websites either it is designed for mobile phones or desktop or both. By adding 3D objects in your site experience, you will introduce realism to interaction.

  1. Data Visualization

It’s a game of Data, and the success rate will automatically increase if you have more information. In this world, humans are also known as visual creators and for lots of people, collecting data when it is offered visually is not a big deal. Within no time, Data Visualization is in itself becoming a vital tool required for creating impressive stories.

  1. Emotional Design

If we say that Design is a way of communication, is it wrong? Not, because when you are thinking about the conversation, you are naturally thinking about receiving and delivering information. One of the best communication ways can easily be missed out by designers – emotions. For a decade, signers only focused their attention on creating impressive usability, but for now, the trend has changed towards great usability and emotional impact.

  1. Bold Fonts

Whenever you visit the website, the first thing that grabs your attention is “Headlines.” Although awesome headlines aren’t considering a new trend anymore, the trend is a way that is used to design those headlines. May have you noticed? Many headlines are designed with large bold fonts. The use of heavy fonts will put more visual weight over your website and to the message, as well as the reader to where they should start first. According to an aesthetic perspective, the use of bold fonts will give your designs a modern and contemporary feel.

  1. Gradients 2.0

For a decade, ultra minimalism conquered the product design. Now, designers are striving to reduce all visual properties by leaving essential objects, including:

  • Functional Elements
  • Key Content

As a result, designers established products that have an excessive amount of white space with no color. With suck kind of trend, users get bored and leave the designers to do several experiments with different visual styles. You have to know that one specific method that discovered itself in the spotlight is “Gradients.” Back in 2018 and 2019, Gradients had started to replace the flat colors and added some depth layouts to make them visually impressive.