Development, IT, Mobile VR in 2020 and beyond – What is the Future?

Undoubtedly, 2020 is the year of Virtual Reality to grow faster like it did in 2019. You would be amazed to know that in the year 2019, the standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest is declared as the winner as they are the most selling units. Some prominent headsets were released for PC, including:

  • Vive Cosmos
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Valve Index

 Each headset has its unique perks and issue. Among all of them, PlayStation VR seemed stronger, and some rumors are floating across the web that PlayStation Virtual Reality is coming soon. That’s why the year 2020 looks like continuing the battle for dominance in a competitive market of Virtual Reality.

How did VR evolve in the year 2019?

You might know that several major companies had released new Virtual Headsets in 2019. Both Rift S and the Oculus Quest out in the market back in spring 2019. Fans of VR highly acclaimed the headsets released by Facebook as it is the next step of FB in VR. With an inside tracking system, users don’t have to place sensors across the room for better performance.

After the release of both headsets, only the Oculus Quest could grab the attention of users as it is the standalone VR headset that can be used without having a high powered PC and runs on low power, offering the best piece of technology. In the world, different companies are cited in sales when launching on the platform.

Expected Virtual Reality Headsets in 2020

As compared to 2019, users are considering 2020 likely the best for the release of better VR headsets. Significant companies are competing against each other and no one knows who will succeed in this race. HTC, Facebook, and Valve are planning to release the advanced version of their headsets, and it seems that another headset in the same category would be expected to release soon.

Upgrades of headsets are also on the way like Facebook has confirmed that hand tracking feature would be released to the Oculus Quest very soon somewhere in 2020. It will use the internal tracking system of the device that is already built into the headset. Facebook also announced to introduce Oculus Link, a smooth way to attack your headset to your PC so that it could play Rift experiences.

Release of PlayStation VR 2

Rumors are floating across the web regarding PSVR 2 for several years, as it is crystal clear that Sony Company would like to release a follow up on the massive success of its original headset. More than 4 million headsets have been sold since its release and Sony is planning to release new hardware to coincide with its release of PS5.

Some Trends and Improvements in 2020

  • Control Methods
  • Merging PC
  • Data Privacy

Up to three improvements and trends will heavily influence Virtual Reality technology in 2020. The first trend is the control method and how people would love to interact with experiences. The second trend revolves around the merging of PC into the system, and the last trend focuses on data privacy. Three prominent improvements include: